Looking Forward

Reshaping our business mix to deliver more stable performance

Growing our architectural framing systems segment

Now Apogee's largest segment following the acquisitions of Sotawall and EFCO, architectural framing systems has delivered steady growth. It serves a broad spectrum of the non-residential construction market in terms of products, project size and geography, and is more similar to the overall market profile than Apogee's other architectural segments.

Expanding into more mid-sized and smaller projects

Apogee now has a greater proportion of its revenues generated from mid-size to smaller commercial construction projects, with the architectural glass segment winning share in mid-size projects and the growth of the architectural framing systems segment. These sectors are more stable throughout an economic cycle and include more institutional projects, which also tend to be less volatile.

Leveraging significant renovation opportunity

Apogee is growing its presence in the renovation market to help balance market fluctuations in new construction. Renovation is a vast market opportunity, given that three-quarters of the U.S. building stock was constructed before the introduction of energy-efficient glass coatings and thermally efficient aluminum framing systems.

Strategies for growth

New products

Apogee has a robust, enterprise wide new product introduction process (NPI) that continues to differentiate Apogee from its competition and fill product gaps, such as CyberShield to reduce electronic eavesdropping, DigitalDistinctions that enables building designers to insert their artistic expressions, and Custom Window to preserve historical buildings while adding modern performance.

New geographies

Apogee is expanding into new geographies in the United States as well as internationally. We've acquired companies in Canada and Brazil, and have expanded our coverage area in the U.S. organically and through acquisitions.

New markets

Apogee is expanding into new markets, such as renovation architectural projects and engineered optics in the large-scale optical segment. These initiatives leverage existing products and expertise to gain share in newer markets.

Improving Profitability

Apogee’s Lean Enterprise System

Our Lean Enterprise System is at the core of how we do business, driving continuous improvement in our products and processes, with a relentless focus on eliminating waste and adding value for customers.

Automation to improve productivity

We are making significant capital investments in factory automation to drive productivity, add capacity, and introduce new capabilities.

Select projects that best fit our expertise

We’re focused on winning the most attractive opportunities that best fit our capabilities, while pricing our work to reflect the highly-engineered, differentiated solutions that we provide for our customers.