Energy Efficiency

Improve your building’s energy efficiency, as well as occupant comfort, with high-performance glass, windows, curtainwall, storefront and entrances from Apogee Renovation.

Historical Renovation

Maintain the historical influence of your building with energy-efficient window systems that replicate wood, steel, putty glazed and hung windows in color-correct finishes.

Comfort and Health

Promote occupants’ wellness, concentration, comfort and productivity with window and curtainwall systems that improve acoustic and thermal performance for quieter, more comfortable spaces to work, heal and learn. Additional benefits of condensation resistance help minimize the potential for mold and mildew, for a healthier, low-maintenance interior.


Protect your private conversations, boardroom discussions and trade secret documents from electronic eavesdropping with our CyberShield™ by Viracon glass product. The effective RF Shielding reduces the transmission of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation, while offering enhanced glass performance.


Minimize injury and damage from hurricane and high winds by selecting glass, framing and window systems tested to provide hurricane impact-resistance and wind-borne debris protection.


Keep your occupants safe and your assets protected with appropriate risk-reducing façade products. We can assist with security building envelope upgrades that range from forced entry prevention to ballistic resistance to blast hazard mitigation.


Building Survey

We offer building surveying to help you determine which components or systems should be considered for replacement.

Apogee Energy Modeling Tool

This proprietary tool allows us to provide you with an analysis of energy savings, HVAC capacity and lighting for your building, and to identify potential savings with an integrated design.

Thermal Imaging

Our thermal cameras capture the performance of your building’s existing glass and aluminum framing systems and allow us to recommend your most effective replacement options.

Specification Assistance

Our team can help select products for your building’s optimal appearance, performance and long-term value.

Design & Detail Assistance

Our drawings detail the components and sightlines of the proposed glass and framing products to be used in your purchasing process.

Budgeting & Network of Installers

We can assist you with installation options, and suggest trusted, local sources from our network of installers in every city across North America.

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