About Us

Creating Peak Value

By definition, Apogee means "highest point". It's no coincidence that it's also the name of our company. For over 70 years it is a name that has inspired and driven us to achieve a higher level of excellence in all we do. We are not satisfied with the status quo. We aim higher, think bigger, and endeavor to create even more value for every Apogee stakeholder.
We strive to create peak value.

Our drive to Create Peak Value is grounded in our values, which are the foundation of Apogee’s culture.

Our Values

One Team
Employee Involvement and Ownership
Respect for the Individual
Safe Work Environment

Industry leader in architectural products and services

More than 90% of our revenues come from our architectural glass, framing systems, and installation services businesses

Shaping skylines

Apogee is a leader in architectural products and services. Our glass and aluminum window, storefront and curtainwall systems make commercial buildings look great, reduce energy consumption, and protect occupants and property from hazards like hurricanes and blasts.

Delivering solutions

Our highly skilled team designs glass and metal building façades, completes massive orders for skyscrapers on time, and manages complex window, curtainwall and storefront installation projects.

Leader in protection and conservation of all things framed and displayed

Our large-scale optical segment glass and acrylic utilizes the same technology as our architectural glass business

Custom frame shops

Enhances and protects art

Museums and galleries

Improves aesthetics, and conserves and protects fine art worldwide

Engineered optics

Applies anti-reflective custom coatings for commercial applications

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