People are the key to our success

At Apogee we understand that our company is only as strong as our people. That’s why we are focused on continually strengthening our team, ensuring that we have the talent and skills across our organization to consistently deliver the innovative products, technical expertise, and dependable customer service that set Apogee apart.

Apogee has an enterprise-wide talent management program in place to hire, train, and develop a diverse team of employees and leaders. We are also committed to our employee’s safety and wellness, with a robust workplace safety program, a comprehensive benefits package, and wellness initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles.

Talent Management and Development

Talent Management and Development

Apogee’s talent management strategy is led by the company’s HR Leadership Team, a group of human resources leaders from across the company. Apogee’s talent management program is focused on hiring, training, and developing employees and leaders to meet the organization’s needs. Our talent management program consists of several key components:

  • Performance management: Managers actively engage with their employees to provide coaching and feedback. Together, they identify training and development opportunities to improve performance in the current roles and position the employee for future growth. Employees and their managers set annual performance and development goals which are tracked and updated throughout the year. Individual development plans and annual performance reviews are also used to help employees be successful.
  • Training and development opportunities are provided to employees throughout the company. This includes new-hire training, job specific training, stretch assignments, safety training, and training on Apogee’s Lean Enterprise system. The company also offers leadership development opportunities, such as our Apogee Leadership Program, along with technical training for engineers, designers and sales staff. In addition, the company offers an education assistance program in which eligible employees receive tuition reimbursement from Apogee to help defray the costs associated with their continuing education.
  • Management Resource Reviews are designed to ensure the organization has the resources in place to meet critical talent and leadership needs. Apogee’s executive leadership, together with the HR Leadership Team, regularly conducts talent reviews and succession planning, which is reported to the company’s board of directors.

Employee Recognition

Apogee encourages leaders to recognize the significant contributions of employees. This includes our Distinctive Solutions Awards, which are presented by Apogee’s Chief Executive Officer each quarter to recognize individuals and teams throughout the company who have made significant contributions to further our strategic goals. Individual Apogee business units and locations provide numerous other recognition opportunities, such as the Silver Salute, which acknowledges contributions from employees in Apogee’s corporate headquarters. In 2020, Apogee introduced the Apogee Impact Award to recognize employees across the company who go above and beyond to make a positive impact in their communities, through volunteer service and leadership.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Apogee’s diversity and inclusion program promotes a workplace where each employee’s abilities are recognized, respected, and utilized to further the company’s goals. Our aim is to create an environment where people feel included as a part of a team because of their diversity of outlooks, perspectives, and characteristics, which ultimately adds value for our company.

Apogee’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy:

It is the policy and practice of Apogee to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, creed, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disabilities, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, military status, or any other characteristic protected by law. We are strongly committed to this policy and believe in the concept and spirit of the law.

Women from across Minnesota representing companies recognized for gender diversity pose for a group photo at the TCB Talks: Women in Leadership event held April 19, 2022.

Diversity in Leadership

Apogee was named to the Honor Roll of the 2021 Minnesota Census of Women in Corporate Leadership. The Honor Roll is an elite group of Minnesota Companies that have 20 percent or more gender diversity in their executive ranks and on their Boards of Directors. This was Apogee’s fifth year of being named to the honor roll since its inception in 2008. Apogee was recognized for its spot in the Honor Roll at the Twin Cities Business Women in Leadership forum, hosted by Twin Cities Business magazine on April 19, 2022.

Workplace Safety

Safe Work Environment

Providing a safe and secure work environment is one of our highest priorities at Apogee. We’re proud of our safety record and the considerable progress we’ve made as we continue building our safety culture.

As one of our Core Values, a safe work environment is embedded throughout our organization, and we devote significant time and resources to workplace safety. Safety is an essential part of each employee’s job and everyone in the company is expected to actively promote a culture of safety.

Our safety program is directed by Apogee’s Risk Roundtable, a group of safety leaders from each of our business units. This group meets quarterly to review safety performance, share best practices, set goals and objectives for the organization, and plan safety culture assessments.

Safety Roundtable

Semiannual In-Person Safety Roundtable

In July, Apogee hosted a safety roundtable with leaders across the organization at Architectural Service’s Cincinnati facility. The group focused on opportunities to improve safety performance, share best practices and lessons learned, and identify opportunities to standardize safety practices.


Safety Culture Assessments

Each of Apogee’s business units performs an annual safety assessment, conducted by inhouse safety professionals and external resources. Current safety performance is evaluated on a cumulative point scale and the results are used to set goals and specific action plans to improve safety in the coming year.

Safety assessment scoring areas include:

  • Program Management & Accountability
  • Risk Assessment & Auditing
  • Employee Engagement & Communications
  • Safety Training
  • Incident Management & Response
  • Regulatory & Other Safety Requirements

Based on our ongoing commitment and investment, Apogee has made significant improvements in our safety performance. We track key safety related metrics, including recordable incident rate (RIR), and days away, restricted or transferred (DART). We monitor and report on safety at every location, regularly share reports across the business and with the company’s executive team. Keeping our progress visible and top-of-mind is a powerful way to drive continuous safety improvements.


Apogee has consistently had a lower accident incident rate than our industry. In 2022 we recorded an accident incident rate (AIR) of 2.30 – a result that was significantly below the industry average. Safety is foundational to everything we do at Apogee. We are working to continue this trend and look forward to further improving our safety results in the future.

Accident Incident Rate is number of incidents per 100 full-time employees per year. The Industry Average is based on NAICS 332, Fabricated metal product manufacturing.

*Apogee and its subsidiaries have had no workplace fatalities in over 5 years.



Harmon logo

Apogee’s Harmon business designs, manufactures and installs the façades on some of the most recognizable buildings in the U.S. In this demanding work environment, the Harmon team insists on safety at every level, with management and employees jointly responsible for injury prevention and creating a safe work environment.

The Harmon team is genuinely committed to continuously improving their safety performance. Their positive approach is evident in the way they operate, from job hazard analysis and pre-task planning, to ongoing audits conducted through a project’s life cycle.

In 2019 Harmon achieved recognizable success in delivering on safety goals. Companywide, Harmon’s 2019 OSHA recordable rate was the lowest in ten years, with 12 of the company’s operating locations going incident free for the entire calendar year. These impressive results were directly related to the efforts of each Harmon employee to prioritize safety every day.


Safety Recognition for Apogee’s Business Units

Tru Vue


  • 2019 TEGRA Award for Work Safety
  • 2021 “Safety at Work” Award (pictured left)


  • Contractors Recognizing Excellence in Safety Training (CREST) Award Top 3 Finalist – FCA International
  • Top Safety Contractor – Austin Commercial; American Airlines project; Fort Worth, TX
  • Lowest incident rate – Greater Hamilton Safety Council; Cincinnati team
  • First Annual 2018 Safety Award for Excellence – Ryan Companies NW Office; Kirkland Urban jobsite
  • Safety Crew of the Month – DPR; KMPG project; Orlando, FL
  • Lone Star Safety Award – DWC; Dallas team, Kirkland, WA


  • 2017 Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award – Wisconsin Safety Council (right)
  • 2018 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award
  • 2020 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award – Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

Tru Vue

  • 2019 Outstanding Award in Occupational Safety – Minnesota Safety Council (MSC)
  • OSHA Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP)
  • 2019 Operational Excellence Achievement Award, from the National Safety Council
  • 2020 Outstanding Achievement Award – Minnesota Safety Council (MSC)

Window and Wall Systems - Wausau

  • 2020 One-Million hours worked without a lost time injury
  • 2021 Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award – Wisconsin Safety Council
  • 2022 Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award – Wisconsin Safety Council (pictured middle)

Health and Wellness Programs

Health and Wellness Programs

Apogee is proud to offer a comprehensive health and wellness program for employees across its business units. We have wellness teams throughout our organization that seek opportunities to engage employees in healthy habits and mindful living. In addition to standard health programs including medical insurance and preventive care, Apogee has a variety of resources available to employees free of charge.

health and wellness

From healthy vending machines to wellbeing challenges to organized walks, Apogee’s wellness teams do a great job of advocating for health and activity. One specific success story comes from Linetec. For five consecutive years, Linetec has organized a 5k event, inviting associates and their families out for a morning consisting of exercise, music, snacks, prizes and camaraderie.

Physical Wellness

Annual biometric screenings are offered at all locations so employees can better understand their individual health scores and establish goals for improvement. Flu shots are administered free of charge for employees and their dependents. All employees are also invited to participate in Apogee’s wellness program, which is a video-based app that offers education and tools in the areas of exercise, mental health, sleep, nutrition and financial wellbeing. Challenges and incentives are offered through the program to encourage physical activity and promote friendly competition.

Mental Wellness

In addition to physical health, Apogee has programs to help employees manage their mental health. An employee assistance program is available, offering eight face-to-face visits annually with licensed counselors. We also provide our employees free access to an online cognitive behavioral health program that provides tools for coping with anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. The program also matches users with a personal health coach.

Apogee’s benefits program supports employee health and wellness

Apogee provides a benefits program with the flexibility to meet employee’s specific needs. We are committed to making a sizeable investment toward our employee’s health, security, protection, and future opportunities.